Smart Hockey

Smart Hockey


      The different variants of Smart Hockey's off-ice hockey products are used by ice hockey players at all levels all over the world. The products form an essential part of players' off-ice training and warm-up before training and matches.

      The three different variants of Smart Hockey's off-ice technical products have different properties and areas of use. Smart Hockey Training Ball 3oz and Smart Hockey Training Puck 4oz are designed specifically to develop super fast hands. Smart Hockey Training Ball 6oz and Smart Hockey Training Puck 6oz develop soft hands and an unbeatable feel for the puck. And Smart Hockey Training Ball 8oz trains the forearms and wrists for a harder and faster shot.

      All products have a solid construction which means they can be used on any flat surface; in the locker room, on the tennis court, in the driveway or on the garage floor. The products work equally well in all temperatures.

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