Molded hockey seat

Nordic Hockey Molded Seat

Do you need a molded seat for your hockey sled, which gives a better feeling of mastery, protects amputations, counteracts distortions in the body and reduces nerve pain?

We help you with the entire procurement process.

Molded hockey seats from Nordic Hockey

Have you just started playing hockey and need an adapted seat to be able to play?
Or have you been playing for a while but feel that you cannot master the activity because of a hockey seat that does not fit you?

No matter what level you are at or what challenges you have with the seat, we can make a molded seat that will be absolutely perfect for you and your body.

Adjusts to the level and curvature of the body

We can adapt the seat for players who have asymmetry in the back, seat or hips.

The back of the seat can be made higher, with more straps and more support on the sides for those who need it.

Protects amputations

The hockey seat can be adapted so that it protects the limbs of double amputees, single amputees or players with dysmelia.

Reduces nerve pain

A seat precisely shaped to your body will not be able to create unwanted pressure points inside the seat.

The pressure will be distributed evenly over the entire contact surface, thus reducing potential nerve pain and other pain during playing.


That seat is a game changer for me. Now I sit firmly in the seat without any friction or unwanted movement. The amputated foot is protected and I don't have to worry about injuries there. Turns went much easier, I could slide on one skate steel without losing my balance.

Thor Erik Strand
Norwegian ice hockey player

Sitting in a toboggan with a molded seat was something absolutely magical!
Every small movement you make with your body has an effect on the sled. This gives a feeling that one can take the game and the sled control to new heights!! Incredibly fun, motivating and cool to know 😁 Turns and twists become both easier, sharper and you maintain speed through them.

Magnus Bøgle
Norwegian ice hockey player

This [seat] was simply a revelation. So that's how it should actually be! Now the seat follows my hip movements, compared to before where the pelvis twisted around inside the seat.

Johan Grønlie
Norwegian ice hockey goalkeeper

Will a standard seat be adapted to your body?

Shown below is a standard seat in grey, and a molded seat for the same player in yellow.

The player has a curvature at the bottom of the lower back, which the molded seat takes into account. The molded seat also follows the player's body shape in both hip width and the shape of the seat.

Below you can see how the new molded seat turned out.

If you have distortions in your body like the player above, or have challenges with your current hockey seat in some way, then a molded seat may be the solution for you.

We help you find the best solution!

How does the production and actual process for molded seats take place?

See photos and video of the entire process.

Have you chosen the right toboggan based on your level and needs?

There are different hockey sleds on the market, with each sled suitable for different functional levels, experience levels and needs.

We have hockey sledges to suit every player, whatever your level and needs.

We have over 35 years of experience in para hockey, and have good expertise to help choose the right equipment that suits each individual.

Below you see a selection of our hockey sledges.

Para hockey sled

Ballistic hockey sled

The Ballistic hockey sled from Canadian Unique Inventions Inc. is the most popular and most used sled in the world for experienced players.

Para hockey sled

Razor Hockey sled

The Razor hockey sled from Canadian Unique Inventions Inc. is popular around the world, largely because of the many adjustment possibilities. This toboggan is suitable for all levels.

Para hockey sled

Rev Force 1 Hockey sled

Rev Force 1 is a hockey sled that is suitable for beginners and as a loaner sled. It has several adjustment options that are easy and quick to change.

Para hockey sled

Mobility Sports Transformers Hockey sled

The Transformers hockey sled from American Mobility Sports is suitable for beginners and players with some experience. It is also perfect as a loaner sled, with several adjustment options that can be changed quickly.

Para hockey sled

Mobility Sports Wave Hockey sled

The Wave hockey sled from the American Mobility Sports is new on the market, and is best suited for medium to well experienced players. The sled is easy to adapt and adjust.