How are they made?
molded hockey seats?

We show you the entire production process.

We show you the entire process surrounding the production of our molded hockey seats.

All the way from when we take a scan of the player's body, until the seat is mounted on the hockey sled and tested on ice.

Take aim of player

We start by making an accurate impression of the player's body.

We find the best sitting position and the design of the seat, and are left with an impression that we can take a 3D scan of.

3D scan of the impression

The next step is to take a 3D scan of the impression and store it digitally.

Form for the seat

With the help of the 3D scan, we create a shape around which the plastic is to be folded, which eventually becomes a molded seat.

Production of the seat

A platform is built at the bottom of the seat to reinforce, and to make attachment to the hockey sled easier.

The plastic together with the design is heated and pulled over the mold. When the plastic cools, we have a rough model of the molded seat.

Testing and adjusting the seat

The player comes at a new appointment to have the seat tried on and adjusted.

The height of the edges is adjusted, and the padding inside the seat is adjusted.

A lid is made with a crotch wedge that is adapted there and then to the player.

Mount the seat on the hockey sled

On the final round of finalizing the seat, we mount it to the player's hockey sled.

We mount the seat so that the player gets the correct balance point in the sled, both laterally and backwards.

Checking the balance of the sled

The hockey sledge must be properly balanced so that the players can have a good experience on the ice.

Therefore, we use a balancing tool to check that the sled will swing equally to both sides, and that the skates will hit the ice correctly.

Test the sled with
new seat on ice

We follow up each player to see how the sled and the seat respond on the ice.


That seat is a game changer for me. Now I sit firmly in the seat without any friction or unwanted movement. The amputated foot is protected and I don't have to worry about injuries there. Turns went much easier, I could slide on one skate steel without losing my balance.

Thor Erik Strand
Norwegian ice hockey player

Sitting in a toboggan with a molded seat was something absolutely magical!
Every small movement you make with your body has an effect on the sled. This gives a feeling that one can take the game and the sled control to new heights!! Incredibly fun, motivating and cool to know 😁 Turns and twists become both easier, sharper and you maintain speed through them.

Magnus Bøgle
Norwegian ice hockey player

This [seat] was simply a revelation. So that's how it should actually be! Now the seat follows my hip movements, compared to before where the pelvis twisted around inside the seat.

Johan Grønlie
Norwegian ice hockey goalkeeper