We use Posten/Bring for delivery of the goods. We offer the following delivery options:

  • Package in letterbox - for shipments under 2kg and which will fit in the letterbox. This solution is without tracking.
  • Parcel to pick-up location – the parcel is picked up at the nearest Post office in store or Post Office. The shipment can be tracked along the way. You will receive an SMS with a collection code when the package has arrived and is ready for collection.
  • Parcel delivered to home - business to private. Delivered to your door between 08-17 or at 17-21, based on postcode. Automatic SMS notification when the package is on its way. The driver will call 30-60 minutes before delivery in the evening.
  • Package for business - business to business. The package is delivered to the company between 08-16. Automatic SMS notification when the package is on its way. The package can be tracked.

Normal delivery time for all types of shipments from us is 3-9 working days.

Order item

Here you have to calculate a longer delivery time as we have to order the item from the supplier. You will be informed about this on the product page. You will receive the item(s) within 30 days. We will contact you if there are delays or the supplier is unable to deliver.

Unclaimed goods

Please note that the package is with Posten for 7 days after receipt. The collection deadline can be easily and free of charge extended from 7 to 14 days in the Posten app or via SMS.

If you regret your purchase, simply pick up your order and return it to us with the return slip and return form you have been sent by e-mail. We exchange goods or credit you continuously.

If the package is not picked up by the time it is returned to us, we will invoice for shipping both ways and handling. As of today, this amount is set at NOK 300. Read more about this in the sales conditions.