Hockeykølle tilbehør

Hockey stick accessories


      Here you will find various hockey stick accessories for ice hockey, including hockey stick grips from the popular Buttendz and Lizard Skins, hockey tape from Comp-O-Stik and Blue Sports, Tape Tiger and hockey wax.

      Buttendz Grip for hockey stick is used instead of tape on top of the shaft of the hockey stick. The grip improves the feel and grip of the hockey stick, reduces wear and tear on your hockey gloves, and reduces vibrations during shots and passes.

      Lizard Skins DSP Hockey Grip Tape is designed with a special type of texture that provides a good grip on the hockey stick. Durasoft Polymer (DSP) is the key ingredient that gives the grip its soft and tacky feel. The grip needs to be tested to feel the difference from using normal hockey tape.

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