Buttendz Grip for hockeykølle

Buttendz Grip for hockey stick


      Buttendz Grip for hockey stick is used instead of tape on top of the shaft of the hockey stick

      • Increased puck control and better grip on the hockey stick . The elasticity of the 100% natural rubber used in the grip helps absorb energy when receiving and making passes, and when handling the puck. 
      • The grip gives you harder and more precise shots. To get the most out of the extra snap in your shots, you need a good grip. The more force you have to use to hold the hockey stick, the weaker the shot will be. Buttendz Grip has a rubber surface that is tougher than regular hockey tape. It will give you a softer and at the same time firmer grip, which will result in better precision and more power.
      • Reduced wear and tear on your hockey gloves. Most hockey players have experienced that regular hockey tape on the shaft will come off eventually. The glue from the underside of the tape ends up on the outside, and the glue will lie to provide extra friction against the inside of the hockey gloves. This results in the inside of the gloves wearing out far too quickly. This problem becomes non-existent when using the Buttendz Hockey Stick Grip.
      • Fits all types of hockey sticks. The grip fits all types of hockey sticks; junior, intermediate and senior.
      • The grip can be used again when changing the hockey stick. When buying a new hockey stick, you can easily remove the grip from the old stick and put it on the new stick. See instruction video for how to easily remove the grip here , and video for how to put it on here .


      Which type of grip is right for you?

      If you prefer grips with a knob on the end of the shaft, Buttendz FUSION Z Grip or Buttendz FLUX Z Grip may suit you best. Buttendz FUTURE Grip has a small knob on the end with a raised spin in the texture, Buttendz TWIRL88 Grip is without knob but with raised spin, while Buttendz STRETCH Grip is completely clean without knob or raised spin. If you are a goalkeeper , the Buttendz SENTRY Goalie Grip fits best.
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