Hockey skate accessories

Hockey skate accessories

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Here you can buy hockey skate accessories - In Nordic Hockey's online store.

Nordic Hockey is the sole importer of the Canadian manufacturer Bladetech Hockey's skating blades for ice hockey in Norway.

Bladetech's patented Flex Force Advantage technology provides increased power in each kick and provides a documented effect of an average of 5.5% increased speed.

The unique design works in such a way that the front part of the skate blade flexes up in the skate holder, collects the energy, and releases it when you complete a stride. The technology gives you an extra kick for every stride you take.

Independent tests show that it is particularly effective in the acceleration phase with increases in speeds of up to 20%.

We also offer waxed hockey laces from UNLMTD. The brand was established in 2018 in Finland and is growing rapidly. The brand is now found in several countries and is increasing in popularity. The brand offers products with high quality and nice design, and which are at the same time functional and ergonomic. We at Nordic Hockey have recently become a dealer of their products in Norway.