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You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or Vipps at

Our provider of card payment solution is Stripe. Your card transactions are sent encrypted through Stripe, and use secure connections through HTTPS and HSTS. Stripe is a PCI-approved card payment provider with "PCI Service Provider level 1" certification. This allows you to pay securely without being afraid that your card information will go astray. When paying by card, state the card number, the card's validity period, CVC code and finally authentication with 3D Secure code. will be able to reserve the amount in the buyer's account until the item has been sent. Upon a reservation of the amount with the buyer, the money will not be available, but will remain in the buyer's possession. All transactions are carried out in Norwegian kroner.

Prices on the website are listed in NOK. That currency is the one valid when paying on the website. Shipping costs will be added to the total price of the purchase, and those costs will be visible at checkout before payment.

We will do everything we can to ensure that the products on the website are displayed at the right price. The price you pay for an item is the final price, even if the price of the item has changed afterwards.

Card payments that fail

The reason if you do not get paid by card in the online store may be because you do not get completed signing with 3-D Secure.

This may be due to:

You do not have Java installed. Signing with 3-D Secure will for most customers involve the use of Java. If you do not have Java installed, you will see a white page. Here you can download Java:

You are shopping from a device that does not support Java. Since most Visa / Mastercard require signing with 3-D Secure, which in turn requires Java, it will not be possible for you to trade if you use, for example, iPad or iPhone, as these do not support Java. BankID has, on behalf of the Norwegian banks, developed an APP that will solve this, which each user must download to their phone or tablet.

How to place an order

Orders / orders can be placed on our website at any time.

  1. Add the product you want to buy in the shopping cart by selecting the variant and then click "Buy" on the product page.
  2. Then click on "Show shopping cart" below the menu bar, or click on the shopping cart symbol at the top right of the screen. Check that the number and type of products are correct in the shopping cart, and click "Update shopping cart" if you have made any changes. Enter a coupon code if you have received it and click "Use discount coupon".
  3. Either (a) click "Continue to checkout", fill in invoicing details, select shipping method, enter card number information, click on the link for the page's terms and conditions and tick to have read and accepted these, and click "Send order".
    Or (b) click “Check out with PayPal”. Log in to your PayPal account and complete the order and payment through your account; or select "Pay with a card", enter your card information, billing address, contact information, and click "Pay now" to complete the order.