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Hockey sleds with specially molded buckets and equipment for Para Ice Hockey

We at Nordic Hockey offer equipment that is necessary to be able to play para ice hockey in Norway. We are the sole supplier of Massive Blade hockey sleds, which can be delivered together with our own specially molded hockey buckets. These buckets provide a unique special adaptation that can reduce health challenges during activity, and which provides an improved feeling of mastery on the ice. Accessories for the sleds include Warrior para ice hockey sticks, our own Snipe FX88 para ice hockey sticks, and Bladetech DLC skate blades. 

Players with disabilities can apply for these products via NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral. You will find our products registered here

The specially molded buckets are molded and shaped after a very accurate imprint of the players' lower body, which gives incredible stability and a feeling of mastery on the ice. 


Hockey sled and specially molded bucket

We offer hockey sleds from Korean Massive Blade, in which we can assemble our own molded buckets. 

Massive Blade hockey cup
Massive Blade sled with Nordic Hockey seat
Petter Emil Hatland Mikalsen, Norwegian para hockey player

Massive Blade Hockey Sled

Massive Blade Hockey sled is a new sled on the market with unique special adaptations for a better fit and function. 

The hockey sled is one of the best sleds on the market today. It is suitable for everyone - everything from beginners to experienced players. The sled is solid and durable and can withstand the stresses it is exposed to on the ice. The bucket angle and height can be easily adjusted. Chassis and other parts of the sled are produced equally and can therefore be easily replaced. The front can be adjusted sideways to be able to adjust the balance point for single amputees.

The hockey sled is delivered in either matt black or dark blue. 

When applying to NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral, the HMS article number for Massive Blade Hockeykjelke is 288838. You can read more about Massive Blade Hockey Sled at Hjelpemiddeldatabasen. 

Massive Blade sled with Nordic Hockey specially molded seat

Nordic Hockey Specially molded bucket for Para Ice Hockey

We are very proud to be able to offer specially molded buckets to para ice hockey players in Norway. We believe this is the biggest development the Norwegian Para Ice Hockey community has seen in the last 15 years.  

In order to create as good a product as possible, we have entered into a collaboration with orthopedic engineers at Moss Ortopedisk Klinikk AS. They are experts in adaptations of, among other things, orthoses and bone prostheses. Here, individual adaptations and adjustments are made for each individual. The process is very similar to the one we were looking for for the specially molded buckets. With their expertise together with our 35 years of experience with para ice Hockey, we have managed to develop a product para ice hockey players in Norway are very happy with. 


Standard seat vs. new specially molded bucket

Above are the new specially molded buckets for a player, seen from above and from the side. At the bottom is a scan of the same bucket marked in yellow, compared to the old standard bucket of the same player marked in gray.

Comparison Nordic Hockey specially padded seats scaled

Here it is clear how big the differences really are. The old bucket does not follow the body shape of the player, which leads to a lot of cavities inside the seat and too much movement and friction. The bucket is too large for the player, and it does not take into account the skew in the back that the player has. When the player tightens the straps that will hold the body in place in the bucket, it will create discomfort on the left back because the back of the bucket does not follow the body shape. 

Advantages of using Nordic Hockey specially molded bucket
  • The new specially molded buckets will follow the body shape of the player by us taking a very accurate impression (scan) of the seating area and the lower back. 
  • A specially adapted crotch wedge is designed together with a specially adapted lid, which seals all cavities inside the bucket and which gives the player better stability.
  • Since the specially molded bucket follows the body shape, it will create an even pressure over the body parts so that the player avoids dangerous pressure points in the bucket. In this way, they avoid body pain during and after activity, they reduce the risk of pressure and chafing and pinching of large veins and nerves. 
  • For players with prominent seat knots, we add extra padding to the bucket to protect that area extra. The bucket will still follow the body shape, only with a slightly softer part where the seat knots are. 
  • The scan of the seating area and the back takes into account possible skews and asymmetries the player may have. It can be scoliosis in the back, skewness in the pelvis, or skewed foot position. The specially molded bucket will be shaped exactly so that it is shaped around possible skews in the body.
  • Single-amputee players with a short leg stump will have a bucket that is shaped around the leg stump, which protects all body parts inside the bucket and which at the same time keeps everything in the right place without any kind of unwanted movement. 
  • Double amputated players get a bucket where it is mounted on an extra protective shell in front of and around the leg stumps. The entire lower body will then be protected inside the bucket. 
  • The buckets are produced with a stiffer plastic material which makes the player more stable, the bucket absorbs shocks better and is safer to use. 
  • We use a balance tool when we mount the specially molded bucket on the hockey sled. We check the player's weight distribution over the skate blades, to ensure that the weight is centered in the middle so that the player can turn equally well both ways. It is also done to make the player feel that he or she is sitting stably over the skate blades. 

The goal is for each player to be able to have a good experience with para ice hockey by using the Nordic Hockey specially molded bucket - regardless of disability and starting point. 

When applying to NAV Hjelpemiddelsentral, the HMS article number for "Nordic Hockey Spesialstøpt Sete for Paraishockey" 288839. The buckets can be applied for either together with Massive Blade Hockey sled (HMS art. No.: 288838), or alone if you want to use your current hockey sled. In any case, we arrange the mounting of the seat on the hockey sled you want to use. 

Accessories for Para ice hockey

To be able to play para ice hockey, you need two para hockey sticks, one left and one right. We have two variants from the hockey manufacturer Warrior. And we have our own "Snipe FX88" para hockey sticks. You can browse at the bottom of the brochure to find the various article numbers at Hjelpemiddelsentralen. You also need two picks (HMS art. No: 288097) for each hockey stick. They get mounted on the ends of the sticks, which are used to move forward on the ice. We also have skate blades from Bladetech (HMS art. No: 287575) which are very resistant to nicks and irregularities. 

Warrior para ice hockey sticks

Warrior Para ice hockey sticks are proven solid sticks that are widely used internationally. They come in two different variants, and are suitable for those players who sit higher in the sled. 

Warrior para ice hockey sticks have a steeper angle between the shaft and the stick blade compared to the Snipe FX88 and Frontier sticks. With sticks from Warrior, you can sit higher in the sled and at the same time be able to have the stick blade flat on the ice when you do puckhandling. Being able to have the stick blade flat on the ice is essential to be able to move the puck, make passes and shoot.

 The sticks are delivered in two variants. One with a fairly straight stick blade (Regular), and the other with a curved stick blade (Hook).

Warrior Paraishockey clubs

Snipe FX88 Para ice hockey sticks

The para ice hockey sticks “Snipe FX88” from Nordic Hockey are available in three different variants with different flex. By being able to choose between three different variants, users will be able to find the type of hockey stick that best suits their style of play and level of function. 

Snipe FX88 makes it more comfortable to receive passes. This is because the sticks come with a softer flex, which means that the blade flexes more when receiving passes. The soft flex will be able to provide more power in the shots for users who do not have good arm strength. In addition, they will make this easier for players with more arm strength. These sticks will therefore be able to fit several functional levels.

Snipe FX88 Paraishockey sticks
Snipe FX88 Paraishockey sticks

Bladetech DLC skate blades for para ice hockey

Bladetech DLC skate blades for para ice hockey fit most hockey sleds on the market. They are made with "Diamond-Like Coating (DLC)" - a coating that makes them extra resistant to nicks and bumps.

The coating on the skate blades and the quality of the steel make them stiffer and respond better to the movements of the player. The skate blades provide better glide, they provide more precise turns, they provide a better and safer grip, and they respond better when you stop. This will give a better feeling of mastery on the ice.

The skate blades are more durable than similar steels on the market. They need to be sharpened less often, and therefore last longer.

Bladetech skating steel for para hockey