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This is Nordic Hockey

We are two Paralympians who have played for the Norwegian National Para Ice Hockey Team for many years. We have participated in several Paralympics, and have a lot of experience within the sport.

Over the years, we have found out what kind of hockey equipment we like, and what we want to offer. Para ice hockey is very similar to ice hockey, and we, therefore, offer products for both sports. In our selection, you will find grips from Buttendz and Lizard Skins, NoSweat helmet inserts, Tape Tiger, and technique balls and technique pucks from Smart Hockey. In addition, we have chosen to focus on quality skate blades from the Canadian manufacturer Bladetech Hockey.

In para ice hockey, we offer various sticks from Warrior and our own «Snipe FX88». We have skate blades from Bladetech Hockey which is adapted to hockey sleds. 

Massive Blade is a Korean manufacturer that has come up with its own hockey sleds. We offer those to the Norwegian market, along with specially molded seats for hockey sleds. 

Our Team

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Morten Værnes

Værnes has played para ice hockey since 1999, and is one of the veterans of the Norwegian national para hockey team. He is the general manager of Nordic Hockey AS.

Loyd Remi Pallander Solberg

Loyd Remi P. Solberg

Solberg's first Paralympics were Torino 2006, and he has been a prominent leader of the national team since. He has been captain since 2014.

Bladetech Hockey

Nordic Hockey is the sole importer of the Canadian manufacturer Bladetech Hockey's skating blades for ice hockey in Norway. 

Bladetech's patented "Flex-Force" technology provides increased power in each kick and provides a documented effect of an average of 5.5% increased speed. 

The unique design works in such a way that the front part of the skate blade flexes up in the skate holder, collects the energy, and releases it when you complete a stride. The technology gives you an extra kick for every stride you take.

Independent tests show that it is particularly effective in the acceleration phase with increases in speeds of up to 20%.

Read more about Bladetech skating steel here

Bladetech Flex Force Advantage Skating Steel

Buttendz Grip

We have chosen to import the entire Buttendz range of grips for hockey sticks. Their products provide a clear improvement when it comes to grip and puck control rather than using regular hockey tape as a grip. 

The grip reduces wear on your hockey gloves, and reduces vibration when shooting and passing. The grip fits all types of hockey sticks, and it can be used again when changing the hockey stick. 

If you prefer grip with a knob on the end of the shaft then can Buttendz FUSION Z Grip or Buttendz FLUX Z Grip best for you.

Buttendz FUTURE Grip has a small knob at the end with an elevated spin in the texture, Buttendz TWIRL88 Grip comes without a know but have an elevated spin, while Buttendz STRETCH Grip is completely clean without a knob or elevated spin. 

Are you a goalkeeper fit Buttendz SENTRY Goalie Grip best. 

You can see the entire range here

Buttendz Grip for hockey stick

Hockey training balls and training pucks from Smart Hockey

The different varieties of Smart Hockey off-ice hockey products are used by ice hockey players at all levels around the world. The products are an essential part of players' off-ice training and warm-up before training and matches.

All products have a solid construction that allows them to be used on any flat surface; in the locker room, on the tennis court, in the driveway or on the garage floor. The products work equally well in all temperatures.

Nordic Hockey has all Smart Hockey's variants of training balls and training pucks available in the online store. 

Smart Hockey products

Tailor-made hockey club deals

We can supply pucks, stick tape, grip tape, and sock tape to hockey clubs and teams in Norway. We tailor our own club deals, where we can offer high-quality products at a good price.