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8 reasons for using Ice hockey skate blades from Bladetech

Get better acceleration. Increase top speed. Prevent injuries.

These are just some of the reasons why you should switch to Ice hockey skate blades from Bladetech. 

Bladetech Ice Hockey skate blades

1. Documented effect of 5.5% increased speed

Bladetech Black Diamond DLC Ice hockey skate blades
Ice hockey skate blades from Bladetech with Flex Force Advantage

Bladetech's patented Flex Force Advantage provides increased power in each stride and provides a documented effect of an average of 5.5% increased speed. 

The unique design works in such a way that the front part of the skate blade flexes up in the skate holder, collects the energy, and releases it when you complete a stride. The technology gives you an extra kick for every stride you take.

Independent tests show that it is particularly effective in the acceleration phase with increases in speeds of up to 20%! Read more about the test here

"Bladetech Hockey's Flex Force Advantage makes skaters up to 20% faster."

2. Extend your career with health benefits for knees and hips

Bladetech health benefits for knees and hips

In addition to increasing speed and acceleration, the skate blades from Bladetech reduce damage to the lower part of the body. The reason is that the flex in the skating steels absorbs shocks and pressure during each skating stride and reduces the pressure on the ankles, knees, and hip joints. 

Just as running shoes reduce the risk of injuries while running, Bladetech's Flex Force Advantage will reduce the risk of injuries while skating. This technology can extend your career and may prevent you from having to quit due to injuries. 

3. Recover faster after training and games

Bladetech's Flex-Force technology will be able to help players recover faster after training and matches.

The flexing technology means that you use less energy for each skating stride out on the ice. Players will be able to play the same number of minutes during a match and use less energy.

Players have the opportunity to play more minutes than before using the same energy they used before. At the same time, they will be able to skate longer during a match by increasing the speed with Bladetech skating steel.

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4. Better flow and glide on the ice with Diamond-Like Coating (DLC)

Bladetech Black Diamond DLC Ice hockey skate blades

The skate steel have a Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) which further strengthens the steel beyond the fact that Bladetech uses premium steel in the first place. 


The increased hardness of the coating will give you a better flow and glide on the ice. They maintain speed in the turns, and allow you to use less energy. All the energy goes straight into the ice, which helps you in turns, in the acceleration phase, and when you stop. 

5. The edges last longer

Having a winning technology that makes you faster on the ice does not help much without using the best materials available to make skate steel. Bladetech uses premium material and is known for lasting longer between each sharpening. 

Washington Capitals have several players who use Bladetech skating steel. Their Equipment Manager reports that he has reduced the time he spends on sharpening by 4x. Players are less likely to change blades during a match, and they report that the edges last longer and feel better during turns.

The Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) further protects the steel and prevents notches and irregularities. 

Lars Eller (Washington Capitals)
Lars Eller, Washington Capitals

Use the same skate blades as over 100 professional players in seven leagues

Over 100 professional players in seven leagues have seen the value of switching to Bladetech skate blades. 

It includes:

  • Over 60 players in the NHL spread across several teams, including Nicklas Bäckström (Capitals) and Jonathan Toews (Blackhawks)
  • Bladetech is the official skate blade for the NWHL
  • Bladetech is the official skate blade for NHL referees
Bladetech Hockey professional players
Niklas Bäckström (Capitals), Auston Matthews (Maple Leafs), Brent Burns (Sharks), David Krejci (Bruins)

7. 1 year warranty

Bladetech skate steels rarely break since the skate steels are made of the best material available on the market. Should an incident still occur and players break their skate blades, Bladetech has a 1-year guarantee. They are one of the few manufacturers on the market with such a long warranty period.  

Bladetech Black Diamond DLC Ice hockey skate blades

8. Skating steel for most types of skate holders

Bladetech has skate steels that fit skate holders from Bauer, CCM, True, and Graf. They have skate blades for both skaters and goalkeepers.