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Why buy Massive Blade from Nordic Hockey?

Massive Blade is skating steel of the highest quality, and for those players who want to raise their performance on the ice to a new level. Nordic Hockey offers the entire range of skating steels. 

Nordic Hockey is the exclusive dealer of Massive Blade in Norway, and we can offer all their variants of skating steel to the Norwegian market. The skate steels fit holders from CCM and Bauer. Thanks to a unique production technology, they have managed to make steel that has a beautiful design, and which is more resistant and stronger than ordinary factory steels.

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What type of skating steel should you choose?

Massive Blade comes in three different variants: Classic, the gold-colored ones TiN and they answered DLC². Regardless of which variant you choose, you will end up with skating steel that has a harder density in the steel and which will increase your performance on the ice.

Massive Blade Classic skating steel for Bauer holders


Classic are the standard skating steels from Massive Blade. They do not have a reinforcing coating on the outside of the steel such as TiN and DLC², but they are still of the highest quality made for better performance on the ice. These skate steels can be the best option for many players.

Massive Blade TiN gold skating steel for CCM holders


These skating steels from Massive Blade have a unique Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating. The gold-colored coating looks good, while protecting the steel from rust and making the steel even stiffer.

Massive Blade DLC² black skate steel for Bauer holders


DLC² stands for Diamond-Like-Carbon², and is the strongest type of coating on skating steel that Massive Blade offers. The stiffness of the skate steels, together with the coating, will give you better flow and sharper turns on the ice. uses cookies to improve the user experience on the website