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The best accessory for ice hockey

Do you need new tape or grip for your hockey stick? Or maybe you need new skating steels or laces for your hockey skates?

In our online store you will find products from the accessories category within ice hockey equipment.

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Improve speed. Prevent injuries.

These are just some of the benefits of switching to skate blades from Bladetech. 

Why choose hockey skate blades from Bladetech Hockey?

Bladetech Black Diamond DLC Skate Blades
Ice hockey skate blades from Bladetech with Flex Force Advantage

Documented effect of 5.5% increased speed

Bladetech's patented Flex Force Advantage provides increased power in each kick and provides a documented effect of an average of 5.5% increased speed. 

The unique design works in such a way that the front part of the skate blade flexes up in the skate holder, collects the energy, and releases it when you complete a stride. The technology gives you an extra kick for every stride you take.

Independent tests show that it is particularly effective in the acceleration phase with increases in speeds of up to 20%.